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Back to School

   It's that time of year... The kids are back in school!

Everyone is settling into the school routine which means managing school, homework, football games, and plenty of other activities. Now is a good time for students and parents to sit down and make a plan for a consistent training schedule. Martial arts students should strive for an attendance of two classes per week. Most classes are 45 minutes in length so that adds up to about 1.5 hours per week... Very manageable, IF you plan ahead for it and make a commitment to integrate your Taekwondo and Karate training into your weekly routine. Simply set up your training schedule and then stick to it! 

If you find that your weekly schedule conflicts with class times, please talk with an instructor... Many times we can suggest alternate days and times that will fit even the busiest schedule. You never know until you ask! We stand ready to work with parents to ensure that nothing inteferes with a student's dedicated commitment to train and become the best martial artist possible! 

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